School Ejects Foreign Sponsor Over Row of a Dairy Project

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Chaos erupted on Tuesday at disability facility in Mombasa County after the school management differed with a foreign sponsor on a cow milk project.

The school student’s parents and teachers were forced to stop a foreign sponsor from taking away two dairy cows she had provided to school on sponsorship basis.

Learning was partially interrupted as the school turned down efforts by the sponsor to get away with the two dairy cows.

The school board of management accused the sponsor for claims of having not met the operational objectives.

Addressing Journalists in Mombasa on Tuesday, Pwani School for the mentally handicapped Principal Rophus Mwamburi said the sponsor was allowed to operate as a learning Centre for three disability facilities including Pwani School for the Mentally  handicapped, Mnazi Mmoja and Victoria Baptist.

He added that the projects failed its objective of producing meat and eggs for the children as outlined in the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties.

“It was allowed to operate as a learning centre for three schools the two parties were to share the costs that were to be incurred during the lifespan of the project” Said the Principal

He said as per the memoranda it was agreed that the sponsors were to incur the costs of water, electricity and look into the welfare of the workers.

“Both of us were to share the cost and had agreed in one accord that the school would pay for the cost of rent, provide a rearing ground for the dairy cow and the chicken and provide security” he added

The principal also claimed that the sponsor failed to pay for the electricity bills as stated in the MoU.

He said the water and electricity bills have not been paid since 2015.

The official however highlighted that both the two parties have been co existing peacefully and further denied claims of being at loggerheads.

Rophus said the school has been paying for the electricity and water bills.

“The water and electricity bills have not been paid since 2015.” The school boss said

Meanwhile, Anna Seboru one of the Mombasa Relief Initiative MRI indicated that she has been receiving vacation notifications from the school board of management on claims of not meeting its objectives.

She said one of the buildings constructed by MRI at a cost of kshs 930,000 while the other building cost a half the first building.

“I have been receiving vacation alerts from I think the board of management of the school in a form of email” Anna said

She stated that she has ever since had a passionate relationship with the entire school including the needy pupils.

Anna pointed out that she has been assisting the needy children on monthly basis until she terminated the program in January 2018.

“Personally, I have had a passionate relationship with the school and the pupils. I have been assisting the kids ever since.” She explained

Mombasa Relief Initiative, the sponsoring organization is alleged to have donated to the school a dairy cow and some chicken rearing project to provide meat and eggs to the pupils.

Pwani School for the Mentally Handicapped is one of the pioneer disability facilities in Mombasa County which became operational in the late 1990’s.

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