Government to Vet Afresh Village Elders

Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki File Photo

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The Government will conduct a fresh exercise of vetting village elders, Nyumba Kumi leaders popularly known as Mabalozi so as to weed out all corrupt individuals amidst them.

Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki said there is an outcry from the public that some village elders have turned to be associates of criminal gangs and they cannot continue to serve the public in any capacity.

Addressing a public rally on Friday at Mishomoroni in Kisauni Constituency, the Commissioner said the exercise will begin as from next month.

“How come a Nyumba kumi leader who is only in charge of ten households fails to know what goes around just within those households” Achoki said

He added that the government will not sit back and watch at some few individuals compromising on the security of the public.

“We shall deal with all criminal gangs ruthlessly and be informed that we shall not spare anyone be it your child or any of your relatives” the agitated County Commissioner stressed.

He called on the public to voluntarily avail information pertaining any criminal gang to the police for appropriate measures to be taken against.

The public had earlier complained that there has been an increase of insecurity cases with women being mugged and robbed of their belongings as they head to their places of work in the morning.

Meanwhile Kisauni Constituency Development fund offered to build a police station within Mishomoroni at a cost of ksh 20 Million.

Kisauni area MP Ali Menza Mbogo said he will set aside the funds in this financial year so as to have the project commence as from May 2018.

He said the move will help to curb insecurity in the area as it has become a criminal den.

“We are getting poor every morning because we only depend on house rent but every tenant is now vacating these houses due to the escalating insecurity witnessed in the area” Mbogo lamented.

Mbogo who had accompanied the Commissioner, said the issue of insecurity in the area has become a burden to the people living in Kisauni and its environs especially business operators who are encountering losses for they are forced to close their businesses in fear of being robbed by groups of gangs even at day time.

He added that he would work hand in hand with all the stakeholders in order to beef up security in the area.

He however called on parents to instill discipline to their children not to engage in criminal activities.

"I want to ask all parents and all of us who are here today if you know anyone who is an enemy of security or drug dealer in this region to cooperate by coming out openly and report such individuals to the police” said Mbogo.

Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki was delighted with Mbogo’s offer and he accepted to avail security officers once the project is complete.

"I fully support Mr Mbogo's idea and I want to promise here that the government will avail the required number of police officers once the project is ready for use” Achoki said.

However Achoki took issue with the locals for not informing the police on those who engage in crime while they know them very well.

"Three days ago l received a call that one of our own Mzee was attacked by unknown group of people and was seriously injured. As we speak he is admitted at Johcham Hospital and earlier today an old woman was attacked but she is getting on well. l want to warn those who are doing those involved the police is doing its duty and anyone who will be caught will have to face the law with no regard of your political or financial status” said Achoki.

The County Commissioner also warned those who are involved in drugs to willingly surrender to the police or the law will take its course.

Mjambare ward Representative MCA Fahad Kassim who was also present at the function vehemently condemned a section of bankrollers whom he accused of engaging in drug trafficking.

Fahad said he he was aware of all those who are involved in the business and he was willing to share the same with police to have the arrested.

"Kisauni is famously known for drugs but we cannot continue living in such a situation. We shall forward all the names of those who sell drugs in our area and I don’t care who is involved.. I will forward all the names” The first time MCA said amid cheers from the public.

The locals had petitioned the security agencies for not providing security in the area despite being well equiped for the job.

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