Government Assures Kenyans of their Security In spite of Current Political Discourse

Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe File Photo

By The Coast Reporter

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The government has assured Kenyans that it is determined, firm and ready to protect her citizens from both internal and external threats.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe confirmed it is confident in the professionalism and competence of all state institutions in carrying out their mandate of protecting Kenyans.

Speaking to journalists in Mombasa on Thursday, the government official assured Kenyans that the country is more stabilized and business is back to normalcy urging Kenyans to remain vigilant by protecting the general welfare insisting that terrorism is still a threat to the state.

“Government is determined and confident in the professionalism and competence of state utilities and therefore ready to defend Kenyans from both internal and external threats.” He said

Kiraithe stated that the national military wing is working in a more conducive atmosphere enjoying the best morale from the government.

The spokesperson said the government being determined to protect the democratic rights of her citizens and far more concerned on the ongoing political discourse.

He however argued that the country may be derailed to unnecessary political conflicts if Kenyans will not remain vigilant.

“This country may be derailed if Kenyans will not remain vigilant.” He stated

On the issue of Migingo Island, the government official said he is optimistic that the matter will not affect the relationship of the two countries though he urged both parties to abide by the law.

He called on those directly involved to handle the matter with care by initiate dialogue so as to arrive to a lasting solution.

“I urge both parties to abide by the law.” Kiraithe said

Kiraithe insisted NASA’s, resisting of state enterprises and the suspension of the constitution are aimed at maiming the economic power to millions of Kenyans.

Concerning the ongoing Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education Examinations the government spokesperson urged Kenyans to provide a good learning atmosphere that will enable the candidates sit their examination without any interference.

He gave out a stern warning to all those who will disrupt the examination exercise insisting that they will face a full force of the law.

“Those who will disrupt the national exercise will face the law.” The official insisted

On the issue of Laikipia County where over 70 heads of cattle were shot dead, Kiraithe outlined that the government will conduct further investigations in a bid to whether discern whether the shooting was done by police officers.

Responding to the question of secession Kiraithe said the issue is politically inclined insisting that everything should be done within the frame work of the law.

He pointed out that those behind the call for secession are seeking for political relevance after sensing that they will be out of power come 2022

“I want to ask those behind the call to conduct their activities within the law and I insist that secession is not within the law and cannot serve the people of Kenya.” He said

Mombasa and Kilifi County governors Hassan Ali Joho and Amason Kingi respectively are demanding for secession citing marginalization of their people.

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