Police to Intensify Water Surveillance; Says Inspector General

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet Inspector General Joseph Boinnet

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett issued a stern warning to those who engage in Maritime crime insisting that security has been beefed up and the law will take its course.

Addressing the Media on Wednesday after launching 6 new surveillance motor boats in Mombasa Port, the Inspector General said the boats will assist the police force in fighting terror related incidences, drug trafficking, combating contraband/counterfeits, domestic and transnational crimes.

Boinett outlined that the boats are capable of plying across the deep seas in a bid to curb domestic and international crimes.

“These boats I’m advised are capable of plying in the deep seas. Let those people be warned because we shall not spare suspect” He said

The IG pointed out that the procurement of the surveillance boats from South Korea is part of a greater modernization process within the police department including among others the recruitment of new military personnel, increasing security tools and equipment.

He applauded the South Korean government for the mutual cooperation that has existed between the two countries in ensuring in promoting security within the territorial waters in both the two countries.

Boinett assured Kenyans that the national police service is committed to fulfilling its mandate of providing security to all Kenyans.

“The national police service is ready to serve all Kenyans as security is our mandate.” Boinett said

At the same time, Kwon Young Dae the South Korean ambassador to Kenya said the commissioning of the marine boats marks a mile stone within the police service adding that it will cement the relations between the two governments.

The diplomat outlined that with the help of the new marine equipment the police force will be able to conduct an effective maritime security operation in the Kenyan inland waters and along the coastline.

“The launch of these boats will not only cement the relations between the two countries but also boost marine security.” He said

The official said the Indian Ocean, being the gateway to East and Central Africa is prone to both domestic and transnational crime thus the need to protect it saying the economic stability and prosperity of any nation depends on its ability to protect its territorial boundaries.

The ambassador however admitted that despite going through a variety of challenges, the South Korean government has been able to develop high technology marine equipment of protecting their territorial waters.

“We have hi tech security apparatus to protect our territorial waters.” Dae insisted

The launching and commissioning of the security equipment was attended by high profile security personnel within the county and senior Kenya Ports Authority officials.

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