Malindi Marine Park Under Threat of Being Swept Away by Sea Water

The show line at the Malindi Marine Park, the only public beach in Malindi town is under threat of being swept away by sea water and this is due to a wall constructed by a private developer on the marine reserve.

Already twenty trees have been washed away by the raging water after the wall disrupted the nature water flow forcing ocean currents to find its way into the public beach.

The Deputy senior warden at the park Mr. Joseph Kavi said that the wall had also destroyed the breeding ground for sea turtles, a major tourist attraction in the resort town and hence the number of visitors to the park had gone down.

He added that during high tide visitors could no longer walk along the beach since it had been grabbed and sealed off by the private developer, a tycoon.

“Turtles lay eggs where they were hatched and when they find a wall like this one that they cannot climb then they lay their eggs in the open sea hence they get swallowed by the fish or destroyed by water,” he added.

The Billionaires resort owned by Flavio Biatore, an Italian billionaire is where the wall is built too high to bar members of the public from accessing it from the beach.

The materials used to build the wall are said to have been imported from Italy and that others are have already arrived at the port of Mombasa as the management seeks to extent the wall.

Mr. Said Shaib Hemed a boat builder who has operated at the park since he was thirteen years old said that boat owners have incurred losses running into millions of shillings ever since the water started rising three weeks ago and three boats have been swept by the water over the same period.

Hemed emphasized that according to the Arabic calendar they rely on as boat operators, the strongest sea tides happen twice in a month with the first taking place every start of the month and the other at the middle of the month but there are also daily tides too.

This he added is when the waters find the wall blocking its way forcing it to change cause and the Marine park beach is where it all ends up hence eroding the sand and making the trees fall.

“Our boat yard has been destroyed and if this is not checked our offices including the Kenya Wildlife one will all go down,” he said.

Although tides appear twice in twenty for hours, the ones that happen during the night are the most destructive according to Hemed.

Hemed noted that if something was not done then it will take generations to restore the natural scene at the marine park.

“I was here at the age of thirteen and this trees that used to provide shade for us are now falling at a very alarming speed,” he said.

A spot check revealed that some boat operators had started withdrawing their boats under the instruction of their bosses.

One in one thousand turtles survives in the world and the best nesting grounds are believed to be in Malindi and Watamu beaches.

Stakeholders now want the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to intervene on time to save the marine ecosystem.

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