Accord Women Their Due Rights; CBO Agitates

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Haki Africa a locally a Mombasa based non-governmental organization has called for the immediate realization of the rights of women including the one third representation in all the sectors.

Speaking to over two hundred women from different sectors including the national government, county government and the civil society organizations, Salma Hemed, deputy director of Haki Africa said the rights of women have not been keenly taken into account despite being the majority in population.

The activist stated that eight years down memory lane, since the promulgation of the new constitution, there are struggles to implement the two thirds gender rule.

“We are urging the government to take into account the rights and security of women. According to the Kenya’s census women today constitute 51 per cent of the total population” she said

She also indicated that article 29 of the Kenyan constitution guarantees the rights to security for all Kenyans.

The human rights crusader claimed that women still bear the brunt not only as main victims of insecurity but as targets of security operations.

“From Mombasa to Mt Elgon, North Eastern to Nairobi, women still suffer double victimization of insecurity” she noted

She noted disclosed that women constitute 51 per cent of the total population.

Salma called for a joint collaboration amongst the various stakeholders in the fight against the violent extremism.

Meanwhile, Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko said despite having passed several legislation aimed at countering violent extremism, the rights of women have not been realized so far.

The vocal lawmaker singled out that the Kenyan government is committed towards realizing the rights of women.

“There are several laws that the Kenyan government has passed so far whose aim is to combat violent extremism. As legislators we shall ensure that women are fully included in this fight” she said

She called for the total inclusion of women in the fight against violent extremism.

The legislator pointed out that there is a need for the national assembly to fully implement the laws on violent extremism.

On the other hand, Mombasa women representative Asha Hussein urged parents especially women to impart good morals values and adherence to their cultures.

She reiterated that dialogue is key in ensuring that the youths do not engage in violent extremism.

“There is a need for parents to teach their children good moral behaviors and adherence to their cultural values” she said

The county official further highlighted that religion plays a significant role in ensuring that the youth do not engage in violent extremism cases.

The county women boss called for an economic empowerment among the youths by the various stakeholders in a bid to combat violent extremism.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that the youths are kept busy through economic empowerment. We have to come together and work as a team’ she said

The contemporary society has responsibility of ensuring that it empowers the youths in an effort to fight this vice.

The two day women conference dubbed ‘Women, human rights and security’ is geared towards deliberating on matters affecting the well-being of the society.

The conference also aims at identifying the role women play in promoting and protecting human rights and security throughout the country.

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