Plastic Law Yielding Results Months after Enactment; Says NEMA Official

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By The Coast reporter

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 Ninety nine percent of Mombasa County plastic making plants have complied with the newly formed plastic law. "The National Environmental Management Authority NEMA County director Stephen Wambua has said."

Speaking to the Coast Reporter in Mombasa on Friday the NEMA Director confirmed that since the law came into force in August 2017 most of the plastic making industries within the county have heeded to the demands of the National Environmental management authority.

The NEMA official applauded Kenyans for their strict observance of the new law adding that since its enforcement Mombasa County and the Kenya at large have gained international recognition.

“Kenyans have really observed the law throughout the country.” The official said

He pointed out that the authority officials have conducted a series of awareness campaigns through the use of the media and awareness meetings in a bid to inform the public on the risks posed by plastic papers and bags.

Wambua admitted that some Kenyans are still using plastic bags according to reliable sources and gave out a stern warning insisting that the law will catch up with them.

“We have received some information that some Kenyans still engage in this illegal business.” He insisted 

He noted that in an effort to enforce the law throughout the country, all plastic bags and papers have been banned to ensure that the supply is cut short.

He urged Kenyans throughout the country to surrender all plastic bags and papers to their nearby environmental management offices for recycling of the waste papers into more re usable items.

“I urge all those Kenyans having plastics in their homes to surrender them to our offices for recycling.” He said

The director said on Tuesday and Wednesday authority officials arrested a total of 14 people in various parts of Mombasa county including Mwembe Tayari Market, Saba Saba  and Kongowea Market charged them before a court of law, 10 released as first offenders, 3 charged a fine of Kshs 5,000 each, and one charged a cash bail of Kshs 9,000 after ignoring a court order of appearing before a court of law.

The official noted that in partnership with the county government they will conduct clean up exercises in all the areas of the county to eradicate all plastics bags in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

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